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Our Services


Preliminary Assessment of the Client’s HSE performance and needs.

Conduction of HSE Inspections & Audits.

Identification of customized Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Editing and review of HSE documents.


Risk Assessment.

Integrated HSE Management System's Implementation.

Assignment of HSE professionals to the Client's Organization.

Management of the Subcontractor's HSE requirements.


Incident Investigation and follow-up.

Accident Root Causes Analysis.

Work Permit System's Implementation.

Delivery of HSE Training


Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.



There are various situations when "risk assessments" are necessary in order to successfully manage Health & Safety and, in fact, to satisfy many rules.
It commonly happens that there is not enough knowledge or personnel on staff to fully complete such risk assessments. To solve these issues, we provide the services of our knowledgeable Assessors.

We can help you create written risk assessments and identify specific workplace dangers. The risk assessments may reveal the need for improvement as part of the procedure to satisfy regulatory obligations.


We offer an Annual Contract Client service, which includes provision of a “Competent Person” (if required) and also results in substantial discounts being given to standard day rates. A Retainer Fee, payable annually in advance, entitles the Annual Contract Client (ACC) to 5-15% discount from all standard prices and includes the following:

  • Planning Meeting

  • Emergency Advice/Call Out Service

  • Telephone/Email Advice*

  • Major Changes

  • Notify Enforcement Authority

  • Training Events

  • Website Access

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