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Safety Training 

Immediate Results

Safety Wear

Basic Training 

Employee Awareness


Permit to Work Awareness

Drugs and Alcohol Awareness

Fall Protection

Forklift Safety


First Aid

First Aid — Basic to Advanced

Blood Born Pathogens


Fire Training

Fire Warden / Fire Safety Awareness Program

Advanced Training 

DGR Safety has partnered with OSH Academy Geigle Safety Group - If you are seeking a more comprehensive training experience, then our professional programs are for you! Each OSHAcademy program has been developed to help meet your specific training goals and is uniquely bundled with relevant courses. Applicable to various safety roles and industries, our programs provide benefits unmatched by our competitors.


Student Verification

Students who have completed training through an OSHAcademy Authorized Training Provider (ATP) can also verify their training.

OSHAcademy Student Training Verification (

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